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Franco Angeli, Enrico Baj, Tano Festa, Piero Gilardi, Mark Kostabi, Ugo Nespolo, Mario Schifano, Emilio Tadini, Joe Tison
30 November 2013 – 31 January 2014
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In this exhibition we present a selection of 49 works by Italian and foreign artists, whose language refers to the artistic phenomenon of pop art which, albeit with diversity and various facets, has developed in Italy since the 1960s. The exhibition is divided into three thematic areas, imagining grouping the works on the basis of common expressions that each artist then addressed according to their own intuitions: the theme of the object, of the narration and of the symbol. Works by Mario Schifano, Tano Festa, Franco Angeli, Enrico Baj, Emilio Tadini, Joe Tilson, Ugo Nespolo, Mark Kostabi, Piero Gilardi will be on display.



Pop art is the main cultural phenomenon that went through the 60s (not just figurative art) and takes its cue from the economic boom and from what was establishing itself as a consumer society of those years. The artists open up to the world of everyday life and from this they rediscover the desire to confront reality and popular culture which, feeding on consumer objects and mass myths, inevitably created new forms of expression. Hence the attention towards new popular languages ​​such as comics, advertising, cinema, design which, entering the homes of millions of people, populate the collective imagination and give life to a new mass culture.

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