Contemporary multiples
Baj, Biasi, Bonalumi, P.Cascella, Castellani, Christo, Consagra, Fontana, Isgrò, Melotti, Pinelli, Pomodoro, Pistoletto, Rotella, Tilson.
16 May – 18 July 2015
Press release

The desire to reach an increasingly large number of collectors and art lovers has prompted many artists to deal with the concept of seriality and with the new technologies necessary for the production of art multiples.



Let's not forget that the work that shocked the art world in the 20th century is precisely a multiple, "Fontaine", the famous urinal by Marcel Duchamp, of which we do not have the original version unfortunately lost but there is only a photograph of Alfred Stieglitz. Duchamp repeats himself years later with another work of his: "Boite en valise" with a circulation of 20 copies all hand-curated by the artist.

Catalog show

richiedi opere in mostra a


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